Sunday 19 April 2015

The new diaspora

Hey - my first blog to diaspora women, everywhere.

Gosh have you too held onto a blog posting for so long that when finally the F**K it moment presents itself, you fall over yourself striving for the right tone, right layout, right image... and exhausting yourself with getting the right 'rights' that it takes double the effort to stay the course ???!

Why do we do this self? Many reasons really. And I can shine some insight only from my perspective (and yippee one upside of blogs I can write from my perspective ! yusss). Perfectionism is the first cab off the rank (pffft cliche, was the thought that I just caught then - a case in point). Underlying is notion of not enough, or who do you think are, or unless you have something of value (to whomever) to say, then don't. 

Second, the digital age is one my generation grapples with, still. I am of the pre-internet age and am floored with the pace and breadth of online tools used to analyse, socialise, self-diagnose and even how to construct explosives, for goodness sake. Rules of engagement (another cliche, ssssh mind) have changed and socialisation is markedly different from parents of today's children. Our children are the household's live manual 'internet for dummies'. The downside is live manuals grunt and roll eyes that some 'old person' even dare speak to them, and worse, when their friends are present.

Thirdly, and lastly cos I have an actual life to live and before I'm forced to justify the time I spend online, in light of the haranguing I foist on the children to unplug, the other social platforms are defined by word limits, mind boggling rules and crazy changes. And blogs just let you blog.

This isn't an exhaustive list. I'm sure my business coach will even question why my first outing is more stream of consciousness rather than sage, life-blowing insight that leaves readers begging for my services. But hey, this is an action. An action to step out, and out. To say publicly (in the ether) that I'm making a mark, a stand to help people of the diaspora come home through self-leadership and self-mastery. It feels good. And below is the spiel my business coach preferred I started with. Namaste.

We don’t have to leave our homes to feel estranged from a world that’s increasingly alienating. It’s a demanding world that’s constantly changing…an unedited world of graphic overexposure that terrorizes and frightens, and the phenomenon of social media have caused a mass de-basement. This is the new diaspora. The only way home is to get grounded. Come home. The Diaspora Way brings you home.

So, why come home? Until we live our life from a place of true, core purpose then aimlessness, doubt, fear and confusion rules. A life lived short of our potential is the feeling of discontent, the sighing when another less capable person does better and when you kick yourself for putting off actions because of fear or doubt. Our era sees the human race at its most materially affluent yet we live a life of overwhelming insecurity, absorbing a panic-stricken need to prove ourselves, strive and collect.

More than ever, we as a human race need to get anchored to withstand the onslaught of rapid changes in our time.

We teach you how to live from a life of groundedness that boosts happiness, freedom, income and health. Once anchored to true self, we emanate, think, speak and act with confidence, courage and commitment to our purpose.

The Diaspora Way navigates the whole you: spiritual, emotional, profitable, physical.

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